Monthly Archives: September 2013

Strange Request…

Tomorrow I am heading out to a private dwelling to search the yard for a lost ring. The owner states she took her ring off in the house to wash her hands. It fell to the floor and the dog ate it. They have checked the dog’s poop but have come up empty. When the dog ate it a few weeks ago there was a lot of rain. They feel that they may have missed checking a few piles.

Hopefully I will have success with my metal detectors. Looking at Google Maps it is not a large yard. The issue I will have is there is a metal fence surrounding the yard. Hoping my Minelab CTX3030 with be able to sort out the signals.

Update: I did not find the ring after searching for 1.5 hours. The women did notify me a few weeks later that they found the ring under the oven. It fell down a small hole in the floor boards. 


New Olympic Event, Jewelry Tossing

Why is it when couples fight, one of the first things they do is throw their expensive jewelry?

Got a call yesterday for a lost platinum ring. I drove the 15 minutes to the location and met a gentleman who described what happened. His girlfriend took off her ring and threw it into the ground. Then they heard a “ting”.

Well the story didn’t add up. If she threw it into the ground in the area he said, there was nothing but grass, so they shouldn’t have heard the “ting”. Several feet to the right was a large parking lot, to the left was a driveway, and straight ahead was the street.

My guess is that she didn’t throw it down, she threw it out. I searched the area anyway. I used 2 different detectors. The guy was right there with me. Every signal he was on the ground looking through the grass hoping to find the ring.

I even walked around the parking lot, the driveway & the road. No luck! He offered me some cash to cover my time but I declined.

I think she should get a platinum metal for the toss. Oh that’s right she threw the Platinum away…