Monthly Archives: September 2015

Slow down or snow down?

Now that the swimming season is over, the requests for my recovery services have slowed way down. That gives me more time to train for the Panama City Ironman in November and also lets me do some detecting for me.

I like going out walking on the beaches searching for targets without having the pressure of making a recovery. If I find a piece of jewelry I look in the lost & found and post a generic “Found” on the beach – charm or ring or whatever it is. Then the owner can contact me and describe the item. If no one clams it it goes into my safe deposit box for retirement.

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A New Olympic Event – Ring Tossing

olympic downdrain

I just don’t understand it. I receive a lot of calls to find lost rings that were lost during heated discussion. They don’t tell me that right away, but it eventually comes out. I guess they are embarrassed. I think ring tossing should be a new Olympic event. Most of the rings thrown aren’t cheap ones either. Throwing your rings is just like throwing money down the drain…

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