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I discovered yesterday that there was an issue with my Request Services Page/Form. I received a blank form. I then tried sending myself a new form. Another blank form was sent.

I have corrected the problem. If you filled out a form and haven’t received a response, please complete another form or call my number (707) 706-3626

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Beach Season Is Here!

No jewelry

With beach season comes the increase in calls for my services with my metal detector. I don’t mind, I love any chance I get to get out with my detector to search for jewelry. I have made many recoveries. To see some of them check out my Recoveries Page.

A lot of rings are lost after applying sunscreen, which makes your fingers slippery, then putting your hands in the water, which shrinks your fingers. This allows the rings to fall off. Continue reading Beach Season Is Here!