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Margate NJ in the Beach Replenishment Zone

Look at these beauties that I found for a desperate woman who lost them 2 days earlier. They were located in the Beach Replenishment Zone in Margate NJ.

After recently having back surgery I wasn’t sure if I was up for a long hunt. My physical therapist just gave me the ok to start swinging a metal detector last week.

It was a 2 hour plus search. To read the full story click here: Margate NJ Lost Rings


My Latest Call For Help…

Art sent me an email asking if I would search his yard in Cherry Hill. He needed his property markers found.

We agreed to meet after work a few days later. I take three different machines with me on each hunt. For this hunt, I chose my Minelab Explorer II. Ran it wide open with no discrimination. The whole search took less than 10 minutes; It took longer to pack my truck than it did for the search.

The markers were buried beneath 1 inch of dirt and grass. Art was a very happy man. He stated that he has been looking for them for a very long time. He didn’t want to have to have his property resurveyed.

Art didn’t want any pictures taken. Continue reading My Latest Call For Help…