I have been metal detecting for more than 20 years. I wanted to use my hobby and help people find the things that they have lost. It is not always a happy ending, but I have shared some of the happy ending here on this page.

If you have lost something metal, GIVE ME A CALL!

I can search in shallow water and on land. I cannot search in buildings or houses.

My coverage are is New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Delaware (NJ, PA & DE).

If you would like me to search for something you lost please see the “Alert! Lost item report!” page, or call me and leave a message.

I am a paramedic that is an “adrenaline junkie” I have too many hobbies according to my wife. They include – metal detecting, golf, tennis, ice & roller hockey, geocaching, and Ironman training.

Dave Milsted
Treasure Hunter
(856) 433-0719


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  1. Hello Dave, My daughter is asking for a metal Detector for her 9th Birthday. Any input on what one I should buy. I don’t care about price as much is she is small and would like her to be able to use it.

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