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My Latest Recovery in Stone Harbor NJ

I received a desperate email from a devastated woman. I was Mary’s last hope. The day before she went with her family for a day trip to the beach in Stone Harbor NJ. While her husband in the water with their daughter, he watched his ring fall off his hand and sink into the sandy bottom. They searched for a while with no success. You can read the full story here.

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I recently received a desperate plea to help search for a lost engagement ring.

It’s a good thing that I had made arrangements 2 weeks earlier. I recently had surgery and could not complete the search. I made arrangements with fellow metal detectorist Ed to handle any calls that I receive while on the recovery trail.

I took the information from Derrick and gave Ed a call. Ed was able to go out and search that day. He said it took all of 10 minutes to find the ring that was missing for more than 24 hours. This recovery was made in Lumberton NJ.

Teamwork made this recovery happen.

This is the season that calls for lost items increases immensely, especially since I am near the beaches of NJ. If you lose something, try to get the GPS Coordinates from your cell phone. This will greatly increase the chances of making a recovery. If you can’t get GPS numbers, mark the area with immovable items, or take pictures of the surrounding area.

Then call me with the information. 707-706-3626


The Power of Social Media

lost Ring CHMall

Its always nice to see the media have a story about lost items being returned!!

A woman lost her ring in the Cherry Hill Mall (NJ) during the Christmas shopping season. She was distraught.

Her son posted the lost on Craig’s List and other social media sites. The posts went viral.

One of the people who I found a ring for, sent me a message on the lost ring to see if I could help. I don’t think that security would let me in the mall with my equipment (LOL).

This story has a happy ending. The ring was returned. Turns out the lady who lost the ring lives in Philadelphia. The person who found it lives only a few blocks away from the lady who lost the ring.

To see the FULL story and news video click here:

Lost Ring Returned


New Post: Lost Ring Found

2015-09-27 14.26.01Paint

Here is the link to my latest post. My wife’s friend called because her late mother had lost her Mother’s ring in her yard.

It has a happy ending with a twist. I didn’t take any reward. My wife actually bought a raffle ticket to support her friend’s kids school. Karma took hold, and we won a very nice prize.

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Lost Mother’s Ring


Vacation…Its All Over


I’m back home after a 2 week vacation at the Jersey Shore.

I went out detecting several days. I am usually on the beach by 5:45 am to watch the sun come up as I detect.

I find it very relaxing. Very few people are on the beach at that time. There are a lot of amateur photographers out trying to get the best picture of the days sunrise.

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Strange Request…

Tomorrow I am heading out to a private dwelling to search the yard for a lost ring. The owner states she took her ring off in the house to wash her hands. It fell to the floor and the dog ate it. They have checked the dog’s poop but have come up empty. When the dog ate it a few weeks ago there was a lot of rain. They feel that they may have missed checking a few piles.

Hopefully I will have success with my metal detectors. Looking at Google Maps it is not a large yard. The issue I will have is there is a metal fence surrounding the yard. Hoping my Minelab CTX3030 with be able to sort out the signals.

Update: I did not find the ring after searching for 1.5 hours. The women did notify me a few weeks later that they found the ring under the oven. It fell down a small hole in the floor boards.