Lost In The Snow (January 5, 2014)


Received a call from a woman in Cherry Hill. Her husband was out shoveling 3 nights ago during the big 9 inch snow storm. He took off his gloves and shook his hands to warm them and he felt his wedding ring fly off.

They piled up all of the snow from the driveway and have been looking for it ever since. They were worried about someone else finding the ring or an animal taking it. They found my website and called me.

We made arrangements for me to head over a 3pm today. I arrived and found a large pile of snow on a concrete driveway, uh oh rebar….

She showed me about where her husband was standing and I did a quick search of the pile. Too much interference from the rebar. I scanned both sides of the driveway and not a peep.

So we shoveled the pile of snow onto the grass. I started to search the snow, within 3 minutes and had a nice solid signal. Dug thru the snow and found a beautiful 14k white gold ring. The look on her face was priceless. It took longer to shovel than it did to find the ring.

She was so happy. I collected a few more hugs for the hug bank. Her side of the story will follow in a few days when I get her email. Leaving my house to the return in my front door was less than 30 minutes.

Here is a note from Shira:
Dear Dave,

Thank you again for your help today!  I can’t put into words how great it was when you found my husband’s (white gold) wedding ring in the snow!  We searched for days, and I thought that at this point it may have been carried off by an animal because I felt we had searched so thoroughly without success.  Every time the sun hit the snow yesterday, I ran outside thinking that I saw the ring shining as I looked out the window, but each time all I found was just more snow and ice.

Much thanks, and I hope that anyone else in a similar circumstance would not hesitate to call you for your expertise!

Shira and Marc


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