Free Time


Back in the 90’s I saw my neighbor lying on the grass in his front yard. Being a paramedic I went over to make sure that he was OK. He said that on nice days when he has free time he lays in this area of his lawn and looks for his wedding band that he lost 7 years prior. I told him that one of my hobbies was metal detecting and that when I had some time I would look for him.

A couple of weeks past and I found myself with some extra time. Craig had sown me the area that he thought that he lost it. It was while doing yard work.

I had my White’s XLT detector and was looking for a number in the 20’s, hoping that it would be a gold ring. Withing 10 minutes I received my first tone. Hmmm it sounds good, what is the number? 22, that’s number is in the correct range. Could it be that I found it on the 1st try?

The grass was thick Zoysia. Craig takes good care of his lawn.  I worked through the grass and got down to the dirt. I could see a hint of gold. I did it, I found the ring on the first signal. Craig was right on the money as to its location.

I took it up to the house, rand the door and showed Craig his ring. He was amazed. He didn’t know what he was going to do with his free time in the future. This was one of my very first recoveries. The feeling is still the same when I get to return an item to someone!!