Back Yard Trouble (Wedding Band) May 2015

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Back Yard Trouble!

Received a call from Katie. She told me that her husband lost his wedding band in their back yard. She found me by searching the internet and found Ring Finders.

I asked several questions about how it was lost. We decided on a date & time for me to search for the ring.

I arrived on a hot & sunny day in May. Katie’s kids were sleeping, so she said that she would be out in a few minutes.

I had Katie show me about where her husband was. She said he was in the driveway, cleaning out his car. He was throwing something when his ring came off. I had her show me the direction that he mad his toss.

I thought that I had enough information to start the search. The detector that I chose for this hunt was my Minelab CTX 3030 with a 11 inch coil. I started my search an the area was clear of trash.

1.5 minutes into the search I got my first signal. I moved the grass around and bingo, I had the wedding band in my hand.

I walked towards Katie & showed her the ring. She was amazed that I had found it so fast.  I took a few pictures and headed home. Another successful recovery!


Here is Katie’s Version:

“My husband lost his wedding ring several months ago when it slipped off of his hand into the neighbors yard.  We looked for it every time we were outside and finally gave up, but I just couldn’t stop thinking about it knowing how close it was–virtually in our own backyard.  I heard about Dave through a Facebook group and was elated at the possibility of finding the ring.  Dave arrived and professionally introduced himself.  When I took him to the yard he asked very specific questions about the events leading to the loss of the ring.  I ran into my house to check on my son and within minutes Dave had my husbands ring in hand!  Just like that, it was back and proudly on my husband’s hand.  THANK YOU!”


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