Yard Work, Lost Wedding Ring

Lost Wedding Ring in Moorestown NJ Recovered & Returned

Lost Wedding Ring
Lost Wedding Ring

I received a call from Joe about his lost wedding ring. He lost it while doing yard work a few weeks prior. I agreed to meed Joe after work in a few days.

I met Joe and he showed me where he was working in the yard. He was all over his large yard. I asked several questions about what he was doing and if he had any guesses as to the area it might be. You have to a detective and ask a lot of questions to try to narrow down the search area. After this inquisition, I decided that I would start near one of the flower beds.

I got my metal detector from my truck and started my search. Joe went inside the house to do some work. I found some pieces of aluminum siding.

After about 10 minutes I got a good signal. I moved the grass out of the way and there was a platinum ring. What an awesome feeling !!

I knocked on the door and showed Joe the ring. His face lit up. He was all smiles. I love the reactions of people who get their items back. He was amazed that I found it so fast. He couldn’t wait to tell his wife. I love this hobby!

Hi Dave,

I wanted to send a note to thank you again for coming out to find my
wedding ring.  It is a horrible feeling loosing something that means so
much to you.  On the other hand it was an incredibly joyous
moment when you found my ring.  It was definitely a priceless
moment!  If I ever loose my ring again or know of someone who
does I will know who to call.  Take care and keep up the great work!

Thank You, Joe Piotti


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