Playing Catch In The Ocean (August 21, 2013)

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Saw an ad on Craig’s List about a missing wedding ring on the beach in Ocean City. I responded and informed the person that they should remove the post immediately. There are way too many dishonest people around, and the post gave way too much information, including GPS coordinates to the spot. All of our contact was through a Craig’s List email address.

Kate explained that her husband was playing ball at high tide and he felt his ring come off while in the surf. Her day had an app on his phone so the recorded the GPS coordinates. I explained that I would head down the next day at Low tide and give it a shot, but with the information she posted it was probably already found.

I took the hour drive down to the beach with a GPS unit and my detector. I went to the coordinates and marked an X in the sand, the area was dry at low tide. I started a spiral pattern. About 20 feet from the X I had the ring. The inscription matched “09/10/11”. It was only days away from the 2nd anniversary.

I got home and tried to send Kate an email saying that I found the ring, but the email was returned. ‘s What I found out was when you cancel your Craig’s List ad the email expires. Oh boy I have no way to contact her. I tried contacting someone from Craig’s List but got no response. So I posted my own ad stating Kate I found your ring. By now their anniversary had passed.

I waited for weeks, no response. By now their anniversary had passed. I wasn’t ready to give up so I posted it again. Still nothing. My wife wanted me to give up. I said I will post one more time.

About a week later I received a message from a number I didn’t know. It said did you really find my husband’s ring? I wanted to know who this was and how they got my number. She explained who she was and that I had given her my number in one of our emails. She said she was thinking about the ring and was looking on Craig’s List and saw my post. I asked her where we could me to return the ring. Her & her husband live in Boston. They were in Ocean City for vacation when it was lost.

She called her dad and we made arrangements to meet in Phila the following weekend. I met her dad and he said He will keep the ring safe until Thanksgiving when Kate will be down to visit.

A lot of hard work went into returning this ring…


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