Lost Ring Successfully Recovered

Lost Ring
Picture of the beautiful ring that was tossed after an argument. After a week this lost ring was found by a professional detectorist.

Here is a link to one of my recent recoveries of a lost ring.

Flying Ring in Maple Shade NJ

It started with a little tiff and ended up with a flying ring into the backyard. Two metal detectors bought and several hours spent looking on hands and knees, looking for a lost ring, until they decided to call a metal detecting professional.

The engagement ring was lost for over 1 week. It amazes me at how many rings are tossed because of an argument.

As I always say, if you need help finding a lost metal item, give a professional a call. It takes years to learn how to properly use a metal detector, and know what a detector is trying to tell you.

Let me know how you like the story!



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