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Used car lot…

This year my metal detecting activities are down. I have been training for my 1st half marathon run on September 15th. I have put a lot of time and sweat into achieving this goal. I am down 30+ pounds.

Earlier this week I went out for a recovery (see Recoveries…). I was in a bad mood because I couldn’t make the find for Christine. So while alone at home, because my family was in New York City attending the America’s Got Talent Show (sitting in the front row), I decided to try and cheer myself up by heading to the Jersey Shore. I love spending time on the beach alone. I get to spend some quality time with my mom.

I settled on Sea Isle City. I brought my rain gear because the forecast wasn’t good. Heavy cloud clover and dark clouds off in the distance. There were very few people on the beach at 5:30pm. Just the way I like it. Low tide would be around 8:30pm. 

I started searching and I was finding quarters, a very good sign. I worked my way to the wet sand. Very few targets there. The sand was all soft & mushy. Back to the high tide mark. More targets there. 

I got a very large signal & started digging. I thought that it was going to be a soda can. Much to m y surprise it was a 2 foot metal shovel. I guess someone was building a serious sand sculpture when they lost it. 

Then I found my first toy car. I have found close to 200 of these cars. I have been thinking about putting them on eBay in groups of five to see what they will bring me. Plenty of targets still keeping me busy, I moved along.

The surf wan’t very rough, so I kept looking for dolphins. They usually bring me good luck. Tonight there would be no dolphins. I guess too many have died this year. 

It started to drizzle. I kept pushing along. I did see a few other people metal detecting. One father son & daughter team, sharing 2 detectors and 1 shovel in the dry sand. There was another guy a few blocks away searching the wet sand. All were digging making finds.

I ended the night with no jewelry. Oh well you can’t find a ring every time out. I did end up with a used car lot. I ended up finding 9 Match Box cars and a fighter jet toy. I was soaked because it was a warm rain, so I didn’t put on my gear. I would have just been wet with sweat, so I enjoyed the rain.

This week I should get a lot of detecting time in. Lake season opens up and I plan on making a trip or to to the beach. I took some time off from work.

Tomorrow I travel to Pennsylvania to return a anniversary band I found for a woman who lost it in Cape May. I will be posting that story on my website



Lately I have been doing a lot of recoveries for people who have lost metal items, mostly rings. They find me through my website ( I have had pretty good success. I was 5 for 5 until today.

I got a call from a lady who said her husband lost his wedding band while spreading mulch around the yard over the weekend. The area was a small plot of a garden. I thought this would be an short & easy search.

I went to their house today, out in the middle of the woods. She showed me the area of fresh mulch and I began my search. 15 minutes into my search it started to rain. I was using my Minelab CTX-3030 which is waterproof. I searched for a while and no good signals were heard. I even expanded the search outside of the area.

Christine came out of the house and said that there were some guys over yesterday and moved mulch to other places. I searched those areas. Found a shotgun shell. No luck.

Then she came out and said he had cut the back yard grass. I searched there too. Still nothing.

Now she said they are not sure when it was lost. They even when to the husband’s work place and searched. He wears gloves there and even searched them.

After 2.5 hours I gave up. I was soaked and frustrated. I have never hunted an area that didn’t have that few of signals. I hate not finding what I came to find. She was nice and covered my fuel to get there.


A mind is a terrible thing to waste!!

Boy I forgot I had this blog space. I only wrote 2 articles. I will have to get back on the horse and start posting again about my favorite hobby of metal detecting.

I have been having a blast this summer returning lost items to people. To see some of the stories check out

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