Beach Season Is Here!

No jewelry

With beach season comes the increase in calls for my services with my metal detector. I don’t mind, I love any chance I get to get out with my detector to search for jewelry. I have made many recoveries. To see some of them check out my Recoveries Page.

A lot of rings are lost after applying sunscreen, which makes your fingers slippery, then putting your hands in the water, which shrinks your fingers. This allows the rings to fall off.

If you do lose something, try to get GPS coordinates. Many smart phones will allow you to do this. This makes the search real easy. If you can’t do that record the following information:

  • Time of Day (this allows me to check the tide chart)
  • If you were in the water, how deep you were (how far did the water come up on your body)
  • How tall you or the person that was in the water is.
  • What you were doing when the item was lost (swimming, throwing a ball)
  • Direction that you were moving.
  • Take notes to what you are close to, trash cans, life guard stand, pipe, rocks.
  • Take pictures of the area.
  • Look back to the beach to note houses or businesses that you are in front of.

Call a professional. You might think that you can rent a detector yourself and locate the item. It takes years of practice to learn what the detector is telling you. The beaches are loaded with a lot of metal trash. A professional can set up their machine to find just what you lost (if you know what the item was made of)

If you are in Southern NJ, Delaware or South Eastern Pennsylvania and lose something metal, call (707) 706-3626

Have a GREAT Summer!!


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