New Recovery in Levittown PA

Went out this morning in the rain, to try to recover a ring that was lost several years ago. I was out there in bright yellow rain gear from head to toe. Trisha contacted me several months ago. Today was the day to make the recovery.

You can read the full story here: Ring Lost Several Years Ago…

If you have lost something, never give up hope. Trisha has been thinking about this ring a lot lately and reached out to see if we could help.

She got permission for me to search. She and her friends put me in the right area. The search only took about 25 minutes total. The ring was buried in the ground about an inch. There were a lot of other metal targets in the ground. I set up my detector to search for gold.

Another successful hunt.

A reminder, if you lose something metal, call a professional. Don’t waste your time renting or buying a metal detector. It takes years of practice to understand what a metal detector can do and what it is telling you.


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