Buried Property Markers Found in Clayton NJ By Dave Milsted

This is 1 of 2 property markers that were buried and found with a metal detector.

I received a call from Kevin, who said he found me on The Ring Finders website. He said that he didn’t lose any jewelry, but he has a strange request if I would accept. I said to go ahead with your story. He said about 20 years ago the township put in property markers on the border of his property. He is looking to purchase more land and needs to find them. The township told him that they were metal.

He has spent a while looking for them without any success.

I arrived at the agreed on time. Kevin took me to his property line. I set my CTx-3030 to all metal mode because I had no idea what range these markers would be. I searched and immediately got an large iron hit. It was a water pipe, time to turn down the sensitivity. No luck.

So we went to another location. I metal fence was in this area, and cause my detector to respond. I went outside of the search area and found a lot of trash.

We went back to the 1st location. I turned the sensitivity down even further. About 15 mins after returning to this area I found it. I had the tone & the numbers I need to find the other marker.

Back to the 2nd location we go. While Kevin was still marking the 1st marker I found the 2nd one. It was right up against the metal fence. It took less than an hour to find them.

Kevin was so happy. He didn’t want to be photographed.

So not only am I a treasure hunter, I can find property markers also…