Playing in the Surf (August 8, 2013)

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Made contact with a gentleman who said he lost his wedding band over 2 weeks ago while on the beach. He said the surf was rough and he lost it when it was near high tide at the top of the slope.  I said I would look for it but didn’t have much faith because I know that beach gets pounded with many detectors.

I went out at 4 am the next morning. I could see there was someone else with a detector in the area. It was low tide. 20 minutes into the hunt my detector broke. I had to return to my car and drive back to our rental and get another detector. This isn’t a good sign.

I return to the beach and now there are 3 people with detectors in the area. I start a grid pattern, up & back, up and back. At 6:15 am I am worried about time. Adam & I are schedule to go fishing at 8a. I decide I am going to start gridding north & south instead of east to west. At 6:45 I am ready to leave, when I get a good signal. On this detector all metals sound the same so I have no idea what is under the sand.

I look in my scoop and see a gold wedding band. Can this be the ring that I am looking for? When I get back to our place I confirm the inscription, it’s the ring. Wahoo another return!

We made arrangements to meet a few weeks later, since they weren’t from the area. They were so Happy to get their wedding ring returned.


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